Our Kittens
We have babies!!!!!!
If you are interested in a Fairyviking kitten then please contact us by email - Jgorman@hotmail.co.uk  or phone -   0151 2012091
Fairyviking Olympic Litter  from 2012
Fairyviking Beatles Litter  from 2012
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We are very proud to announce the birth of 2 beautiful kittens from Amurusko Ooo La La and Landsker All About Love, born on  9/9/2016.
All Fairyviking kittens will be raised indoors amongst our busy household so that they will be well socialised and adaptable before they leave us. All our babies will be GCCF registered, fully vaccinated, and will have had their routine treatment for fleas and worms. They will also have their pedigree papers and a kitten pack with food, toys and info to help ensure they settle into their new homes as easily as possible
No Fairyviking kitten will leave home before they are 13 weeks old.
Fairyviking Flower Fairy litter from 2014
Fairyviking Tansy
Fairyviking Candytuft
Fairyviking Forget me not
Fairyviking Dandelion
Fairyviking Burdock
Fairyviking Pimpernel
Fairyviking Michaelmas
Vintage Soap litter from 2014
Both babies are available-  names to follow soon
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